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The Night of the Shredders and Black Markers

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Obama will win the US election.  I know he will.  I hope he will.

There’s still the outside chance that pre-programmed electronic voting will steal it from him, at which point, there will be a complete meltdown in the US.

However, I remain cautiously optimistic that his margin of lead is so broad that not even Rovian corruption can steal this election from the man who deserves it.

Of course, this means that as soon as the final outcome is decided (which I pray is tonight), the paper shredders, disc erasers, black markers and other paraphernelia used to hide and disguise the disgusting history of the Bush Administration will come out in full force.  Expect to see hundreds of Iron Mountain trucks hurtling around Washington and area as files are packed, shipped and locked away until the GOP can secure more reliable candidates for the next election.

In January, when Barack Obama and his team takes over, they’ll find little in the way of any tangible records and information and this will be a good thing.  The cleaner they can be coming in, the cleaner the operation will be in the long run.  The Bush gang will not hang for their crimes, but making anything stick to Obama will be very, very tricky (and I’m sure they’ll all try to find a way).

What an exciting day in history.  Things are about to change and I really (possibly naively) believe that the change will be positive.

Paulson’s Swindle Revealed

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From The Nation, we get this article .

By now, some (maybe most) of you are saying, ‘yeah Bill.  We get it.  We’re getting ripped off and this is Georgie’s last stab at the world for making fun of him all these years.  We’re in the middle of the heist of the century.’

At least, I hope you are.

Because once you do, then hopefully we can have a discussion about how to prevent more of it from happening any more than it has already.  Americans were nearly able to stop Congress from voting in the first version of the bailout package and after threats of martial law and painful efforts by bankers, the second version came to light.

Americans need to start to stop the bailout and the first step will likely take place when the election is held on Tuesday, Nov 4.  Whatever the outcome, this will be a day you’ll be able to tell your grandkids about.  It’ll either be the day that history was made or that history ended.

In Canada, we need a strong coalition to oppose the Harper Conservatives.  Despite the hard times, they will cut budgets, download, implement lots of hidden and regressive taxes and fees for everyday activities, and will likely pursue their agenda of letting banks merge or be bought out by foreign entities, as they promised before the election.  Of course, this won’t be as easy after an Obama win in the US, but we’ll have to be relentless and extremely focused on annoying the hell out of them so that they call another election and piss everyone off.  Hopefully, for the last time.

But let’s talk about what else we can do.  I’m all for organizing Facebook pages and writing MPs and taking other actions, but I’d like us to all have a common voice.

What do you think?