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A Sad Day For The World

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In the US, supposed leader of democracy worldwide, a contentious piece of legislation has finally passed and is now law.

Barack Obama has abandoned any sign of Hope and Change and has instead given in to Fear and Paranoia as he allowed the National Defense Authorization Act to go through.

This Act will allow the American military to arrest any American citizen without cause and without warrant if there’s even the most remote whiff of ‘terrorist’ smell to them.

Once arrested, people can be detained indefinitely.

These are basic principles that were fought against in the American War of Independence.

And now they’re gone.

And if they’re gone in the US – the birthplace of modern democracy – don’t expect better treatment elsewhere.

It won’t be long folks.  Arbitrary and multiple arrests will be coming.

Oba-mania over already?

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Geez … talk about limited attention span.  A number of sites are already out to get Obama and make the next boogey man.

What a shame.

Now … is there any truth to this article ?

I smell an election (before Nov 4)

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Barack Obama is visiting the world’s most important heads of state, including the leaders of Israel, Germany, France, England and even dropping in on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and other smaller countries.

It’s unlikely that he’ll be paying Stephen Harper and his friends a visit any time in the near future. The near-slanderous release of comments from Conservative friends back when Obama was just a candidate for the Presidential race will back-fire on the Conservatives in a monstrous way (if they haven’t already).  When Barack is elected in November (no if in my mind – McCain has too much Bush on his hands), the conservatives will be on his hit list.

He seems like an upright person, but it’s likely that his cabinet will not have any time for Canadian politicians, unless they’re people that are hell-bent on getting rid of Harper and his gang.  It’s conceivable that he’ll implement a series of harsh penalties against the Tar Sands and bring forth a number of trade restrictions that will negatively affect the Canadian economy but protect the US.

He’ll also elevate the brand of ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ (hopefully) and will most likely offer significant indirect support for the Liberals and maybe even the NDP.  Dion and Layton would be smart to place a call or even make a summer visit to Barack when he gets back to show how chummy they are with him.  He has momentum and these other two leaders need to absorb some of that.

Of course, it’s his success that will induce a Canadian election before November 4.  The Conservatives will be spending like the Sex in the City cast at a shoe sale. In fact, there are rumours that the Harpies will announce a major spend (to the tune of $7 billion) for Ontario TODAY in a bid to shore up votes before calling an election.

The good news is that the Harpies are finally reacting to the sad state of manufacturing in Ontario.  The bad news is that it’s two years too late and the companies that they’ve given our money to in the last two budgets in the form of unprecedented tax cuts have failed to generate new dollars in the Canadian economy in any surmountable and sustainable way.  This is what happens when you cut and thrash as opposed to spend and build.

The other bad news is that Ontarians might actually fall for this switch in policy.  Jim Flaherty almost single-handedly ruined the reputation of Ontario’s manufacturing economy following his one-man assualt on the Ontario Liberals.  Constant talk about how unattractive Ontario is compared to other manufacturing areas had one effect:  it discouraged new investment.  Now he wants to bail everyone out using our money to get re-elected and it’s shameful, at best.

But to get back to the point … every day that Obama’s in power in 2009 is another day that the Conservatives will lose ground to more liberal perspectives.  I know I’m making a big leap in logic that Obama will be more liberal, but feel OK with this conclusion given that anything’s progressive compared to Bush III (McCain).

So … there will be an election in Canada before November 4.  And we’ll pay dearly for it in more tax cuts and spending promises that will only benefit a small handful and leave the rest wanting.