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“The Left gets the online audience it deserves”

Full Article Here.

Unfortunately, online, that’s the face the progressive left puts forward. We look like a fractured, fractious gang that doesn’t know how to put a polite, engaging public patina on a tough message. There are, of course, exceptions.

The VC funded Huffington Post blends cultural, political and celebrity news in a digestible package. The folks at Brave New Films mix humour and message well and Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff is great fun. Here in Canada, The Campaign for a Democratic Media knows how to inject some fun in their work and Good Company Communications rocks at it.

But, they’re the few exceptions. Mostly, I think, we deserve the lack of attention we get online, because we often write and act like we don’t want an audience except for the people who know how to respond when we shout into a crowd. And, frankly, a lot of them dress funny.

A great call to action, Wayne. I think it’s in keeping with a couple of my other posts.

Now … I’m still in the process of ‘finding my feet’, so I’ll do my best to follow this advice to heart and will keep the superlatives in check.