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MayDay 2011: Stephen Harper Delivered the HST

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The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) ruined one Liberal provincial government (Gord Campbell of BC) and may unseat another Liberal provincial government (Dalton McGuinty of Ontario) in October.

This reflects that the implementation and structure of the HST plan was crafted by the Conservatives with a specific purpose in mind:  bringing down Liberals wherever they can.

In BC, the HST still exists.

Let’s hope people in BC are not quick to forget that the HST was Stephen Harper’s doing.

Let’s hope that people in BC help shut the Conservatives out of Parliament on May 2.

In Ontario, the HST still exists.

Ontario:  you too can have your say on May 2.  Don’t like the HST?  Take your complaint to the top and get rid of Stephen Harper!

Rob Ford: F U (Signed the People of Ontario)

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Hey Rob,

Please manage your town as you promised.  If you can’t, please resign.

Please take your faux ‘Tea Party’ rage and ‘Ford Nation’ trash and sell it to your private contractors.  The people of Ontario aren’t buying it and the people of Toronto are embarrassed that you’re using such pathetic attempts to blackmail Ontario’s leadership.

Please stop begging the rest of Ontario to pay for the mess you’ve created.

Thank you.

Tim Hudak’s Empty Platform

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I don’t who’s financing these guys, but a platform based on “Bring Back Buck a Beer is supposed to be treated like serious policy for one of the world’s largest economies?

Are they for real?  Is this everything that Tim Hudak can throw at the McGuinty Liberals?  Is this guy stuck in the 80s?  Does he really think Ontario voters are that stupid?

Is this all they have ‘on tap’?  How about getting some of your smart friends together to ‘draft’ a more creative platform for the people of Ontario.

What’s next?  “Bring Back Two-buck chuck“?

With the multitudes of platform options out there, this is what they come up with?

What an embarrassment for Ontario, but in particular, this province’s Progressive Conservatives.  This has got to be the most cynical treatment of voters I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Exploring the Strategy Behind the Harper Sales Tax

The HST, or Harper Sales Tax (OK … Harmonized Sales Tax) will punish a lot of folks, but no group will be hurt more than the BC and Ontario Liberals.

On the surface, they’re being told it’s a good thing.  The Cons have given the veneer of entering discussions with the provincial leaders in good faith and on a non-partisan basis.  They’re even offering financial incentives to ease the transition.

I smell a plot.

I mean, when the Cons at the provincial level won’t touch this with a 100-foot pole, why should anyone?  If I were running the Ontario government (which, thank god, I’m not) I’d be running for the hills!

Let’s strip it down:

  • Harper won his first whiff of power by promising two things:  an investigation into the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal (frighteningly similar to the eHealth scandal with McGuinty) and the reduction of the GST by 2 full points to 5% (with lots of grandstanding and promises of reduction in cost of living).
  • Since then, Harper’s come through on his promise, but we all know he’d like to reduce taxes more, especially the cursed GST, given that he’s an anarchist and libertarian that doesn’t want any government at all in our lives.
  • However, once you reduce it from 5% to a lower level, you might as well ditch it.
  • Harper won’t do that because the corporate world wouldn’t be able to hide the decrease in unchanged prices (I mean, did anyone really enjoy the full benefits of saving $0.02 on an ice cream cone or other mundane daily purchases?).  They would actually have to decrease prices.
  • Instead, he needs a bigger base to hack away at, which would ultimately be the HST.
  • He’s now got 13% to play with instead of a mere 7.
  • Ontario and BC will be hosed royally and will be told they’re out of luck once the transfer of sales tax power is surrendered.

I’m not going to deny that exporters need every iota of support they can get in today’s world, but this will not help the Ontario government support its infrastructure in the long run.  When they’re tax revenue is slashed by the Federal Cons, they will have no choice but to slash their budgets as well.

We will then get the Harris years by proxy.

What do you think?  Am I being a little too suspicious?  Do we have evidence that this will be done without harm to the politicians at the provincial level?