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Action Plan Infrastructure Inquiry Needed

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We need to question the authenticity of Stephen Harper’s Canadian Economic Action Plan.

Last year, I suggested that it would translate to a $60 billion marketing plan for the Conservatives.

Many other publishers are starting to agree with this perspective:

To quote from one article:

Millions of dollars in taxpayer stimulus cash doled out by the Harper government was conditional upon project managers putting up federal promotional signs, The Canadian Press has learned.

What were the objectives of Canada’s Economic Action Plan?  Were they to generate long-term jobs with a healthy infrastructure for future generations or was it all about lining the pockets of conservative supporters and friends?

Or were key ridings showered with cash in order to shore up support for the Cons in the next election, as this article with the Globe suggest:  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec/key-tory-ridings-in-quebec-showered-in-stimulus-money-study/article1665981/

Did the Action Plan actually have objectives like the following:

  1. Clean water for all Canadians
  2. Top-notch digital infrastructure
  3. State-of-the-art hospitals or schools
  4. Advanced research facilities for new technologies

The central concern here is that Canadians are being fleeced by the Stephen Harper regime in exchange for loose diatribe about ‘economic recovery’.  Our tax dollars are financing billion-dollar boondoggles and we need an inquiry into the scope and effectiveness of this ‘action plan’.

We need a review of where the money has been spent, if it has been spent at all.

I’d like to see the following in a table of details related to the Canadian Economic Action Plan:

  • Project
  • Money Spent
  • Riding
  • MP Name
  • Party Affiliation
  • Category (identify 20+ categories like ‘Schools’, ‘Hospital’, Clean Water, Energy Infrastructure, etc
  • Employment (# of jobs created, total person-hours, average wage, job title, duration of project, etc)
  • Beneficiary (contractor hired, affiliation with MP, Conservatives, donations made in the past)

Only by thoroughly exploring the expenditures that took place across the country will we be able to determine the true economic impact of the ‘Action Plan’ and who benefitted from it.

A crowd-sourced listing would be the most ideal way to generate a full inventory of these projects and what their supposed impact was on the economy.  Only once we’re all able to see the waste in its bigger picture will we truly resent the waste that’s been thrust upon us.

Long Gun Registry and Deregulation

Cote Gauche pretty much nails the central purpose of eliminating the Gun Registry, but I’ll expand on the idea:  this is the tip of the Harper Deregulation iceberg.

It sets precedent and justifies ripping apart every bit of fabric that Canadians have spent the last 143 years knitting together.

By failing to support the Gun Registry, the NDP aren’tfailing their few constituents out in various rural ridings.  They’re failing the basic premise of their core belief structure:  government can and should be an active participant in some aspects of the regular citizen.  I’m not saying it always has to be there, but it serves a purpose.

So go ahead … vote against the registry.  Vote against your belief system.

When you do, maybe you’ll wake up and realize that THIS is why you’re failing in the polls and why current representatives of the NDP have ruined any chance of ever being in control of this country.

Jack’s Jump the Shark Moment

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I’m calling it:  Jack Layton has jumped the shark.

OK … maybe many others have called it earlier (if even by a few days), but there’s no going back from the mess that Jack Layton has created for himself and I’m going to pile on to that point of view.

Suggesting that the NDP can’t be blamed for the death of the gun registry is akin to saying that your heart doesn’t help your blood flow.

For those of you looking for a solution to the Gun Registry situation, Scott Tribe posts a compromise recommendation for Jack and Michael to consider.


However, I am concerned that Jack will continue to play games with Stevie as opposed to creating real solutions that all Canadians will be proud of.

The image above reminds us that Jack Layton has been working to keep Stephen Harper in power for some time, not just as a result of the gun registry, but ever since he got bluffed by Stephen Harper into making a grab for a few more seats in 2006 and helped defeat Paul Martin’s Liberal government.

(NOTE:  For the record, I am not a Liberal or an NDPer.  I’m lost as far as who I would trust to earn my vote.)

As Jack Layton or members of the NDP continue to prop up the Conservatives, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the ‘socialists’ are just henchmen for the Cons.

Failing to differentiate the NDP from the most right-wing organization in Canada is a massive error and will cost the NDP dearly, both in terms of financial and voter support.  Their efforts to find concession will result in the Liberals being seen as Canada’s only progressive option.

Jack Layton needs to stop looking at the Liberals like they’re competition.  Jack Layton needs to start developing a plan for getting rid of the Conservatives, including concerted marketing effort across all opposition parties (including the Green Party) to remind Canadians that coalitions, even including separatists, are OK.

Jack and Michael need to work together to defeat the Conservatives at every turn before the DNA of this country is turned to mush (although it may be too late for that).  They should figure out every possible political angle they can to maximize the number of seats that they can get in the next election, including the removal of candidates in key ridings.

If Jack fails on this, the urban population will dump the dippers in droves and the NDP will be caput.

If the NDP survives this, there should be a leadership review for the NDP, but we know that will be pointless because the NDP is run by the unions and individual members will be shut out.

As such, the NDP is done as a party in Canada.

The Liberals know it and they’re distancing themselves in a big way from the NDP politically and likely in the polls as well.

All of this brings us back to why Stephen Harper will be in control for a very long time.  The Liberals and NDP refuse to play nice and bring the government down.  They are sworn enemies and will do anything to avoid concession, including returning democracy to Canadians.

Because Jack and Mikey won’t be able to play nice, we’ll all be screwed by Stevie.

Canadians! We Have The FLOP!!

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(Picture circus music playing in the background and a presenter much like PT Barnum or Tony Sheppard from the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)

Yes, fellow Canadians, it’s time we got into gear.

We at the helm have created an exciting program just for … US!

It’s called the FLOP or the Federal Lining Our Pockets program.

What’s the FLOP you ask?

Well, the FLOP starts with Federal.  As the Federal government, we’re here to take everything away from you and give it to the people that we want to give it to … and not you imbeciles who actually represent the majority.

It continues with Lining the Pockets (of Our Friends).

We’re going to make religious zealot gets your cash, but only if they show that they are still willing to live in the dark ages and believe that Fred Flinstone lived with the dinosaurs.

We are all about making people in Canada better off, but only US.  Not you.

We will have meetings in the halls, bury information (assuming we have a trail to begin with) and we’ll do it while flaunting our lack of majority to the rest of the country.

We’ll use taxpayer dollars to hire hookers as secretaries and pack our office desks with coke and any other party drug you can imagine.

We’ll spend YOUR money to beat you back with sound cannons and you’ll drop your pants and ask for more.  We’ll hire all kinds of goons to corral dissenters and we’ll pay them a billion or two to do it.  And we’ll insist on our cut.  Of course!!

We’re so friendly with the Hell’s Angels and other mobs that nearly every dollar of your “Lining Our Pockets” program will go to them (besides the ones we keep for ourselves, of course!).  You might see it eventually, but only when crooks spend money at your hotel or restaurant.  No pictures please.

We’ll whine and cry like a six year-old when we don’t get our way and we’ll make up the craziest, bat-shitty statistics to back up our ongoing array of lies.  Crime going down?  Doesn’t matter.  We still need to spend outrageous sums of cash on prisons to pen all of you thieving rats called ‘downloaders’.  Might as well be ‘freeloaders’, right?

Let’s face it folks:  we can’t keep track of our lies any more.  We have no idea how many of us are ripping you off, so we’ll just remind you that’s it’s probably all of us.

We will twist and turn this fucked up democracy beyond the level of being fucked up and will stay in power as long as we can count on the ‘opposition’ to have a complete lack of cajones.  I mean, talk about cowards!  They run when they see their own shadows!!

We’ll be rolling out the FLOP to other countries, implementing economic and social programs that run counter to what already exists in Canada.  Because we CAN.

Never forget:  we’re not the CONservatives, we’re the CANservatives.

We CAN serve ourselves and we will.

Merger Madness: Should the Liberals Just Disband?

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Amid the talk of merging two extremely inconsistent parties, I have another suggestion:  the Liberals should consider disbanding.

Hear me out …

The Liberals have been on a downward swing for a number of years, arguably decades.

The leadership through the 1990s was either self-indulgent or slashed at federal budgets more than any tight-fisted socon ever would.

In today’s state, they’ve failed to differentiate themselves when it comes to policy.  They either side with the Conservatives or they have nothing.

Their current leader is a putz.  Just because he’s sitting low in the polls doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break when it comes to breaking up the potentially devastating pile of steaming turd called the 2010/2011 fiscal budget and omnibus bill.  You could have supported the budget, but you didn’t have to eat all of the crap that came with it.

In fact, we are dealing with the most corrupt and irresponsible government Canada has ever seen and both the Liberals and the NDP are enabling them to exist.

Their legacy has faded into a waft of self-delusion and aristocracy.  There was nothing democratic about the crowning of Sir Michael.  There was no effort to engage Canadians in the process.  There was only an effort to disengage from someone who was actually a really decent Parliamentarian (Dion).

Of course, from a party perspective, are there other options?  Are the NDP under Jack Layton any better?  Brad Lavigne argues that they’ve done substantially well and he’s correct.  The only problem is that Jack is busy selling off his union card in exchange for a Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation subscription, doing everything he can to keep the current socon crowd afloat.

I’m frustrated because my options have run out.  You could argue there’s the Pirate Party or the yellow socons called the Green Party.  Realistically, neither of these are realistic choices.

All I want to do is defeat the Conservatives.

So … suggestions?