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Here Comes the Conservative Propoganda Machine

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Like clockwork, the Goebbels-like Conservative propoganda machine will be kicking into high gear over the next few days.

As Canadians are watching the Olympics (something I wish more of us would boycott), they’ll be pounded with ads from the Cons, err, ‘Canada’s New Government’.  The Cons effectively own CTV, given the volume of manipulative taxpayer-funded ads they run, and the CTV will be the source of most of the tracking of events for the Olympics.

(As a side note, as Canadians, we should all be demanding a stake in CTV given the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on TV ads with this media monopoly).

When the ads come out, don’t expect any negative attack ads.

These ads will be all about touchy feely stuff, particularly the massive (and ridiculously unintelligent) tax savings being thrown around like silver dollars at a US bicentennial birthday party (believe me … it happened).

They’ll talk about Canada’s massive action plan that’s taking place across the country, even though most of it is repaving roads and changing a few doorknobs.

They’ll talk about how Canada needs to support our troops and how we need to encourage a safe, secure land free of terrorists.

They’ll talk about economic stability and their only hint of attack will be that we don’t want to use something as inconvenient as democracy to destabilize the country.

I’ll tell you what’s destabilizing:  Conservatives.

The province of Ontario and all of its municipalities are STILL dealing with financial shortfalls because of the Harris Conservatives, most of whom have been bounced out of provincial politics and who somehow stupidly got into federal politics.

What’s destabilizing is slashing a progressive and productive tax on consumption (the GST) by more than 30% from 7% to 5%.  Is it any wonder that we’re encountering structural deficits?  Jim Flaherty is entitled to run our country’s finances as much as Shamu should be running a sushi bar.

Think about it:  Conservatives have never been able to balance the books even though they claim they’re the ones for stability in rough economic times.  In the US, Americans acquired more debt under George Bush Jr. than all US presidents combined.  In the 1980s, the Mulroney government introduced the GST in order to finally stabilize the finances from fiscal recklessness.

But back to the ads.  I’ll tell you what they won’t talk about:

  • What they won’t talk about is how democracy is just a little inconvenience on their way to theocracy.
  • What they won’t talk about is how most Canadians can’t even benefit from these tax ‘incentives’ because you need an income before you can claim a deduction.
  • What they won’t talk about are the proto-Fascist knuckle-dragging Christian evangelists that are being parachuted into every single government department in the country, poisoning the public well for decades to come.
  • What they won’t talk about is how they saw the US coming and how they dropped the pants of all Canadians with their recent ‘trade break-through’ with the Americans.
  • What they won’t talk about is how they could care less about human rights if you’re brown, red, yellow, progressive or speak any other language than ‘Carbonish’.
  • What they won’t talk about is how world leaders won’t even shake Stephen Harper’s hand because he’s a massive liability to any politician.

But if you insist on watching, enjoy the games.

And get ready for the BIG BOO.

The Big BOO

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In just a few days, Stephen Harper will likely be at the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

In response to his autocratic ways and near-fascist control of the parliamentary process in this country, I propose a simple idea:  The Big Boo.

All citizens who attend the games, whether it’s for the opening, closing or something in between, boo any Conservative that’s trying to leverage the Games to improve on their own status.

And save the Biggest Boo for our Grand Poobah, Slippery Steve.

Cons, not Senate, Responsible for Canadian Bills Being Put on Hold

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It’s a big day for Slippery Steve.

He’s dodged a bullet on responsibility for Omar Khadr.

He’s now stacked the Senate with fellow Cons.

Now, thank Jeebus, the Cons can get on with some serious work with the draconian crime bills that they’ve been trying to ram through the Senate.

Oh yeah.  They can’t.  They were all cancelled when the BS factory went into high gear and Slippery Steve put the locks on Canadian democracy and an inquiry into Afghan detainee issues.

What’s next?  Blowing up Parliament for Steve’s new castle?

This is getting ridiculous …

My suggestion:  the opposition MPs start earning their pay, get their damn act together (NOW!) and have legislation ready for March 3 that has two components:

  1. Abolition of the Senate
  2. Introduction of Porportional Representation

Never again, Canada.  Never again.

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Cult of the Cons With Slippery Steve at the Head

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I was going to laugh but then realized that this article posted by Montreal Simon (Are the Cons an Apocalyptic Cult?) was pretty damn serious.  And right on the money.

Well done.  As a blogger, I don’t really aspire to be an investigative journalist, but if I want to use quality questioning as a model, Montreal Simon wins the award and I’ll do my best to emulate it.

Admittedly, a lot of the post refers to other articles, but that’s what we’re supposed to do in order to ‘make our case’, right?  I found the summary and consolidation of the thoughts from a number of sources boosted the credibility of the argument and lead me to the same conclusion:  once Canadians realize that Harper and the Cons are a bunch of theocrats, the future of the Cons will be doomed.

Canada Reaching Up to Touch Bottom (II): Stephen Harper Vows to Derail CO2 Talks

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Stephen Harper has declared that no sacrifices will be made in order to salvage Canada’s ailing economy.

From this article, Stephen Harper said he will:

…use Canada’s co-chairmanship of next year’s Group of 20 countries meeting to urge members to put economic recovery before efforts to protect the environment.

Slippery Steve is at it again, only this time embarassing all Canadians with his perverse love of oil and joins Sarah Palin in ‘going rogue’.

Once again, Canada will be reaching up to touch bottom and will be the international ‘bad guy’ when it comes to climate talks.