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December 9, 2009

Kennedy Slams RCMP (And Another Public Servant Gets Skewered)

Paul Kennedy, chairman of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, issued a report yesterday concerning his opinion of what happened on the night that Robert Dziekanski died in Vancouver. Full story here. Among his observations were the following: “Use of the (stun gun) against Mr. Dziekanski was premature and inappropriate,” Kennedy said, dismissing police claims that Dziekanski posed a serious threat. He sharply […]

November 24, 2008

British Police Make Massive Taser Purchase

In an odd way, I almost support this action, mainly because UK police officers have worked without guns for so long. However, I’m still a little anxious about any deal made by public authorities that support Taser International, the maker of the taser.  Giving them more money just makes the machine go on and on and on. Full story here from the BBC .

May 20, 2008

Taser to Use Playboy Bunnies to Sell Product

In the ‘not often reported’ department, we have this story. And another story. What’s interesting in this story is the connection with potential conflict of interest: He also raised a possible conflict of interest, pointing out that two officers who do police training have a website for their private company, Defensive Tactics Inc. of Vancouver, which says the officers — Vancouver police Insp. John McKay […]

May 12, 2008

US Court Ruling on Tasers Worries Canadian Doctors

In the US, Taser International has won a court order in Ohio that forces a medical examiner to change autopsy reports. Dr. Matthew Stanbrook of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) says the decision doesn’t take into account the difficulty of determining an exact cause of death in almost every case. “If we were required to have at the level of scientific and medical certainty that […]