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Israel War Crimes, Canadian Cowardice

Israel has finally been condemned for the acts of violence and cruelty against a humanitarian flotilla in the Mediterranean this past summer.

A summary of the conclusions:

  • Grave violations of human rights law.
  • Clear evidence to support prosecutions for ”wilful killing” and ”torture”.
  • IDF used ”totally unnecessary and incredible violence”.
  • Blockade of Gaza is ”illegal”.
  • Israel dismissed the report as ”one-sided” and ”extremist”.

Canada’s response?  It’s Israel.  We’ve got their back.

Unfortunately, our government’s complacency and failure to be politically objective has made us all complicit in crimes against humanity.

So now what?

Did the US Give OK for Taliban Jailbreak?

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Almost a week ago, a massive prison-break was organized by the Taliban, freeing hundreds of their captured allies.

This story puts forward the notion that the break was greenlighted or at least the fleeing prisoners were allowed to run in order to create a pretext to a much longer, ongoing war in Afghanistan.