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Ontario Election Thoughts

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Here are a couple of thoughts in the twilight hours of the Ontario election:

  • If I get another piece of junk mail from my local PC candidate or phone call from the PCs pretending they’re a polling company, I’m going to lose it.  I have never seen a more blatant abuse of marketing ‘privileges’ than with the Tim Hudak Conservatives.
  • If Ontario voters think Tim Hudak will be any different from Rob Ford, forget it.  Look at the complete disaster that man and his brother have been for the City of Toronto.  The second that Con steps into the Ontario legislature with any kind of government, everything will be on the table for slashing, gashing and trashing.

Please Ontario.

Send a very clear message on October 6.

Do not give the Cons their precious ‘hat trick’, as Stephen Harper so eloquently calls it.

Do what you can to put an end to Conservative lies and deception in Ontario.

File Complaints About Tim Hudak’s Robo-Calls

I have had ENOUGH of robo-calls from the Tim Hudak robo-call telemarketing department and I’ve already lodged a complaint with the CRTC.

I encourage you to do the same.  The URL for the CRTC Complaints department is https://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/plt-cmp-eng and I urge all of you to place complaints.

Of course, you apparently can’t make complaints about political parties, but make them anyways to send a message.

Why Tim Hudak Is Done

For a little while, I was thinking that the Ontario provincial election would go the way of the federal election:

  • A big defeat for the Liberals
  • A big upswing in volume of votes for the NDP
  • Conservatives filling the void left by the ‘left’ fighting against each other

I was very worried that the Conservatives in Ontario would scoop up enough seats to form a minority, possibly enough for a majority because of the fracture in voting.

In recent days, Tim Hudak has been extremely vocal about the Liberal plan to hire ‘foreigners’ in lieu of us from Ontario with a generous hiring grant.  He’s since pulled back from his pitbull-like attack, but the message is still strong:  anything that’s even remotely creative in terms of generating jobs is not welcome in the PC camps.

Now … I just got a mass marketing call from Maureen C. from MLHL Consulting.  The catch?

They’re located in New Brunswick.  Maureen was calling me from New Brunswick with yet another unsolicited call.

Not only should this merit investigation by Elections Canada because this is the EIGHTH mass marketing call that I’ve received from the Conservatives, but also because these calls are from people with very specific personal information soliciting specific politic views (and recording them).

But the real kicker is that Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives are hiring people from outside the province when people in this province desparately need jobs.

Tim Hudak’s is all for job creation, but not in Ontario.

Finally, I have one last beef about Hudak’s lies:  the people of Ontario should know that they can’t be paid for.  We’ve seen Rob Ford get caught month after month as budget talks in Toronto continue, where he’s unable to defend the BS he spread in order to get into office.

Nothing short of an impeachment or recall of Rob Ford is warranted for the people of Toronto after his mishandling of the budget situation.  And God help us if we have to struggle with the same BS on a province-wide scale because we were too stupid to see past the ‘buck a beer’ promise.

Tim Hudak’s Empty Platform

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I don’t who’s financing these guys, but a platform based on “Bring Back Buck a Beer is supposed to be treated like serious policy for one of the world’s largest economies?

Are they for real?  Is this everything that Tim Hudak can throw at the McGuinty Liberals?  Is this guy stuck in the 80s?  Does he really think Ontario voters are that stupid?

Is this all they have ‘on tap’?  How about getting some of your smart friends together to ‘draft’ a more creative platform for the people of Ontario.

What’s next?  “Bring Back Two-buck chuck“?

With the multitudes of platform options out there, this is what they come up with?

What an embarrassment for Ontario, but in particular, this province’s Progressive Conservatives.  This has got to be the most cynical treatment of voters I’ve ever experienced in my life.

From the “Get Your Head Out of Your Behind” Economic Lesson Department

Full Story Here.


Progressive Conservative MPP Tim Hudak (Niagara West-Glanbrook) expressed concern the province is “facing a Dalton McGuinty recession” this year and urged him to cut taxes to help businesses and families.

I really shouldn’t get irritated when I read these kind of things coming from Conservatives. I mean, there’s nothing new, right? This is yet another piece of evidence that proves they know nothing about economics. I should be laughing because it paints Ontario Conservative mentality in a very negative light.

The only challenge is that this kind of comment makes front page news, while economic stability is largely ignored.

Here’s a little reminder for Mr. Hudak: the Province of Ontario does not exist in an economic vacuum. About 65-75% of our economic health is tied to the economic fortunes /fate of the US economy, something that is, in large part, completely beyond the control of any provincial administration.

And let me remind everyone (including you, Mr. Hudak) that because CONSERVATIVES in the US have destroyed beyond salvation the economy of their country by doing exactly what Mr. Hudak recommends (cut taxes), it’s likely that any other jurisdiction that is dependant on the US will be affected by this fiscal irresponsibility.

That includes Ontario. In fact, Ontario is tied to a big anchor called US Corporate Welfare. $200 billion spent to bail out financial ‘geniuses’ on Wall Street. Nearly $1.2 trillion spent on a war that should not have existed in the first place. I could go on.