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Western Hypocrisy Exposed: NATO War Crimes?

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NATO is poised to attack Libya in the wake of uprisings in that African country.

Libyan leader Moammar Ghaddafi has attacked hundreds of his citizens in an effort to protect his fiefdom.

In the wake of the situation, Western hypocrisy is exposed once again.

Understandably, Moammar Ghaddafi should stand trial for war crimes against his people.  But SNC Lavalin is building prisons for people that oppose him.  Should they too stand trial for war crimes?

And what of NATO?  This is the same NATO that in 2010 killed nearly 20% of the 1,000+ civilians killed in Afghanistan as a direct result of military actions in that country, although these estimates vary widely.

To what extent are we accountable for our own war crimes?

Israel War Crimes, Canadian Cowardice

Israel has finally been condemned for the acts of violence and cruelty against a humanitarian flotilla in the Mediterranean this past summer.

A summary of the conclusions:

  • Grave violations of human rights law.
  • Clear evidence to support prosecutions for ”wilful killing” and ”torture”.
  • IDF used ”totally unnecessary and incredible violence”.
  • Blockade of Gaza is ”illegal”.
  • Israel dismissed the report as ”one-sided” and ”extremist”.

Canada’s response?  It’s Israel.  We’ve got their back.

Unfortunately, our government’s complacency and failure to be politically objective has made us all complicit in crimes against humanity.

So now what?

Breaking: Israel Attacks Aid Flotilla

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Israel has attacked a massive aid flotilla off the Mediterranean Coast this morning, killing dozens and potentially destroying an effort to bring aid to people in the Gaza Strip and Palestine.

The Israeli response seems largely premeditated, accusing the aid workers of being terrorists and criminals, despite the fact that most were members of European Parliament, peace prize winners, a Holocaust survivor, and aid organizations.

People:  we have to actively boycott anything from Israel.  We have to lobby all of our politicians to bring on harsh punishment to the state of Israel for their crimes against humanity.

Our Prime Minister will no doubt condemn the aid workers in favour of the Israeli action, even as he meets with Benjamin Netanyahu (or should I say Netan-yahoo?) later today.

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Canada Not the Only Country Facing Detainee Issues

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Media Matters for America posted a rebuttal of sorts to the propaganda bombs being dropped in the Washington Post.

Expect to see similar BS come our way in order to defend the war crimes of the Harper Regime.

My Open Letter to Jack Layton

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Dear Mr. Layton,

As you and other Canadian MPs return to Parliament, you will be faced with many tough choices.

However, I believe that there is no choice when it comes to dealing with Stephen Harper.  In fact, I beg that you do not.

Instead, please realize that small concessions and short-term gains do nothing for the long-term credibility of this once-great nation that has been eroded to apathy and exhaustion by the scheming and corrupt Conservatives.

The Conservative Party of Canada has created a level of embarrassment and shame for all Canadians.  Whether you look at environmental issues or the ongoing (and potential Constitutional) crisis related to the torture of Afghani detainees, it’s abundantly clear that these people care not for the future pride and dignity of all Canadians.  They only care about clutching the reins of power as long as they can and you’re an enabler.

Do your job and make us proud again:  NOW is the time for you and your peers to demand responsibility and accountability from the Harper regime.

Supporting this government is akin to turning your back on all Canadians that are craving leadership.

We yearn for someone to finally take a stand a say enough is enough.  No more deals.  No more promises.  No more concessions.

We desperately need someone who will stand up for the voices of all Canadians that believe in progressive attitudes.

We all stand at the precipice and you and a select few others have the option of pushing us into the abyss or throwing us a life-line.  Either way, we will not forget your actions.  The choices you and your fellow opposition MPs make today will spell success or failure for not only the NDP, but our country as a whole.  Which would you rather have?

I’ll vote for you when you when you help bring this government down.