December 4, 2008

The Light at the End of the Harpercrite Dictatorship Tunnel

By admin

Winter has come and these are dark days indeed for Canadians.

Our Parliament has failed us.

Our Governor General has proven her lack of use.

Our country stands teetering on collapse as Quebeckers, insulted by Canadians, go to the polls Monday to vote on their choice of leadership.  After the way we’ve treated them, I won’t be surprised by anything less than a mandate to separate.

Our coalition of the majority voice of Canada has been rejected and silenced.

Stephen Harper has gotten what he wanted.

He’s now officially a dictator.  All Canadians now live in a dictatorship.  Democracy is on hold.

Shut it all down kids.  Time to pull the plug.  The patient’s dead.

Yeah, I’m mad .  So are about 8.63 million other Canadians that didn’t vote for Stephen Harper.

This really, really sucks.  I’ve spent the last two months speculating, voicing, acting and now it all means nothing.  I’m upset and I don’t know what to do.

To quote Bob Rae, this is like the idiot kid pulling the fire alarm to avoid an exam he knows he’s going to fail.

And it’s that notion that gives me hope at my very core.

We have 54 days to January 27, 2009 and when that day comes, Our Coalition is going to kick some Conservative ass.

We have 54 days to pull things together, organize, branch out, communicate, create platforms, encourage a national day of strike and generate the awareness that we need in order to prove our worth.

It was a rough birth, but the baby will be fine.

We’ll bring down the Conservative government on January 27, 2009, regardless of what the Conservatives deliver because the Conservatives have proven that they CANNOT be trusted with the management of this country.  I would much rather give the people of Quebec a seat at the table than worry about Stephen Harper and his cronies sabotaging our nation.

The light at the end of the prorogue (or my preferred term, pro-rogue) tunnel is that we will be prepared.  We MUST be prepared.  If we are not, we deserve everything we get.

Enjoy the Holidays, Steve!  You’re going to be booted from office in 54 days by a well-prepared and meaningful coalition.