December 1, 2008

What Was the Point of the Economic Statement

By admin

It seems the Conservative government has blinked and has eliminated several of the more contentious components of the economic statement from last Thursday.  John Baird said over the weekend that they won’t try to eliminate the right for public sector members to strike, nor would they eliminate public funding for campaign finance.  Of course, it wasn’t Harper or Flaherty making these statements.  It was Baird.  Why the Minister of Finance or our Prime Minister aren’t standing behind these decisions, I don’t know.

These details, along with details about the Liberal/NDP coalition plans were discussed here .

These developments beg the question:  what was the point?  Since the Conservatives have rolled back some of the details of their ‘economic’ statement, was it just politics all along?  Did they not think the opposition had a spine?

Obviously not.

Unfortunately, we’re heading into the deepest recession, possibly depression, that the entire world will experience and the Conservatives are nit-picking and seeking out a power grab.

This is shameless.  The world is demanding leadership and we’re getting opportunists.

What’s truly embarassing is that there are still some Canadians who can’t see past the politicking and are only worried about smoke-screen issues like abortion and gay marriages.  They can’t see that the world is changing and that we need to change our government to reflect this.