Month: April 2009

April 21, 2009

Cons To Fill A Black (Media) Hole?

In this snapshot of international advertising forecasts from emarketer , it’s predicted that the average volume of advertising in Canada will drop as little as 2.5% in 2009, but if you look at global numbers (towards the end of the article), advertising around the world will drop anywhere from 6 to 10%. As an aside, that could be as much as $50 billion in lost […]

April 15, 2009

Ottawa Looking to Fund Partisan Propaganda

The folks in Ottawa have been dying to figure out an ‘innovative’ way to bail out Canada’s biggest media companies (besides the CBC, of course) without creating a massive voter backlash.  With that in mind, another hairbrained scheme has materialized:  spending taxpayer money on advertising (story details are pasted below). The absurdity of this plan is laughable for a number of reasons: I normally try […]

April 8, 2009

No more bailouts, please

Research credit to Impolitical . There’s really nothing worse than the prospect of hard-line anti-government control-freaks taking over anything, let alone Canadian media. But that seems to be in the cards, anyways, doesn’t it? Rumours have swirled for a while about the CBC being cut.  As early as last fall, folks identified that more than $200 million would be cut.  And they were right.  We’re […]

April 3, 2009

CBC Top Ranked Across Canada … So Let’s Cut It

While the numbers don’t lie, I’m sure other people will be tempted to find ways to suggest that Canadians aren’t interested in public media. This review of radio hours logged by Canadians shows that the CBC dominates most major markets or urban areas. Which begs the question:  why intentionally piss off so many Canadians just to satisfy partisan politics?