June 10, 2011

A Proposal for a Canadian National Hockey League (CNHL)

By admin

I post these thoughts as I wait in an airport watching everyone gear up for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup.

I’m not a hockey fan.

I think I’m one of those very few Canadians that openly admit this.

I really don’t like the idea of spending millions on watching a bunch of goons kick the crap out of each other and there’s not a chance in hell that my son will ever play with my permission.

Anyways, there’s a remote possibility that I could be converted and, sigh, become a ‘true’ Canadian.

All I need is someone like Jim Balsillie to flip the bird to arses like Gary Bettman and fund a unique, Canada-only hockey league.

A professional Canadian National Hockey League.

(Sorry Canadian Hockey League).

It would be the start of a powerful and important message from all of Canada:  the NHL can go f*** itself.

Conditions?  You’re damn right there’d be conditions:

  1. It would be a professional league
  2. Any city with a population greater than X (let’s agree on a population size or stadium size and make it happen) would be eligible to support a team
  3. While international investors would be welcome, majority ownership would remain in Canada.  I would prefer a co-op model where all Canadians could become owners of the new league
  4. Existing Canadian NHL teams would be welcome to convert to the CNHL, but if they opt out, they wouldn’t be forced to close shop.  See if you can compete against a REAL league.
  5. The rules would change.  Anyone that hits another player and puts him out of any games (including ice time during an existing game if it’s a minor wound) would be removed from play as long as the other player is removed from play.  They would be banned from playing after a three-strike rule.  Unnecessary and obvious violence simply won’t be tolerated.
  6. Equipment would change.  The armour that the NHLers wear today is obscene and unnecessary.

So … Canada.  What do you think?  Isn’t it time we were a part of something we could all be proud of?