November 7, 2008

An Obvious Agenda … Made Even More Obvious

By admin

We all know Stephen Harper could care less about Ontario and our manufacturing sector or job security for the future, but talk about oil and he’s down in the States negotiating for Alberta faster than Speed Racer.

The Globe and Mail gave us a small glimpse of Steve’s real reason for visiting the US and I think Barack Obama should have one answer for him:  go away (a very polite version of what was really on my mind).

Dirty oil is not the solution to anything.  Flogging dirty oil just makes you one thing:  dirty.

With any luck, we’ll have representatives here who understand that and get investment from the US that will, at a minimum, help Alberta produce ‘cleaner’ oil.  Better yet, of couse, we’ll find a way to wean ourselves off oil altogether, but too many donations north and south of the border ensure that will never happen.