October 9, 2008

Canadian Election: Harper’s Buying Opportunity?

By admin

In an interview with Peter Mansbridge on Tuesday night, Stephen Harper suggested that the market sell-off would present an excellent buying opportunity for investors.

Great.  Thanks Steve.  Wonderful advice, you cold, callous fish.

Of course, this advice is easy to act on if you’ve got oodles of cash sitting under your mattress.  However,  most Canadians don’t after having their savings wiped out as a result of Republican Conservative negligence of the manufacturing sector in Canada, severe cuts to Employment Insurance program, and having their portfolio values slammed by a surprise change in the structure of Income Trusts by Jim Flaherty 30 months ago.

All this with a minority government.

Great advice, Steve.  Great advice.

What’s next?  "Chairs make great firewood during the winter months"?  "Favourite pets make for great Thanksgiving meals"?