October 9, 2008

Canadian Election: The Harper Conservatives Absent Again

By liam

Democratic Media did a survey of all major Canadian political parties, asking about a range of issues related to media, including net neutrality and the CBC.  The Conservatives refused to respond.

Really.  What the hell are the Conservatives afraid of that they can’t even spend 10 minutes to fill in a basic questionnaire?

Why are the Conservatives so silent on these kind of things?  Who the hell would vote for a bunch of goons that won’t even talk to representatives of the Canadian public?

OK.  I apologize that I’m letting my frustration show, but I’m mad now and it’s not because I dislike the Conservatives.  It’s because I dislike the mockery that the Conservatives are making of the last vestiges of our democracy.

I shouldn’t even be writing this, but it really annoys me that there are several million people out there that think that Stephen Harper is actually the right guy to run this country.  What are they thinking?  If you’re voting for Conservatives, please tell me:  what are you thinking?