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November 22, 2008

Organizing a Bell / Rogers Media Boycott

The CRTC recently announced that it will not take action against Bell Canada and Rogers as they throttle users of the Canadian Internet.  They have failed Canadian consumers and the thousands of small businesses and technology concerns that rely on the Internet for their success. And this article goes so far as to question whether or not Canada’s newly emerging social media network will be […]

October 26, 2008

Net Neutrality: TV Broadcasters Oppose Whitespace Program

In the US, TV broadcasters have officially filed their opposition to any plan to leverage available ‘white space’, or unused broadband wireless airwaves for public use.  They argue that transmitting wireless broadband on white spaces could interfere with TV signals. Original story here. I’m not an expert in this field, but the claim that airwaves will interfere with broadcasters doesn’t make a lot of sense.  […]

July 24, 2008

Net Neutrality, the Wireless Auction & The Future of Canada’s Internet

I’ve been toying with a couple of ideas related to net neutrality in Canada and I’ve developed a few that I’d like you to provide feedback on. Basically, the background info is this: Net neutrality will never exist in Canada because the ‘pipe’ is owned by Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus, etc The recent wireless spectrum auction generated $4.25 billion for the people of Canada The […]

July 4, 2008

Excited Delirium Book: Chapter 39 (OMNINet: Efforts With the FCC)

Author’s Note: The following is Chapter 39 of the my online book "Excited Delirium". Please post comments. Please tell your friends about this story. If you’ve missed a chapter, please click here for Chapter 1 (Prelude) or here for the full index . Getting laws passed in the United States that are in your favour is easy. All you have to do is support a […]