May 28, 2011

Corporate Death Penalty Enacted in the US?

By admin

Could it be?

Has a ‘death penalty’ been enacted in the US, creating a possible precedent for ridding the world of some of the most vile and corrupt perpetrators of crime against humanity?

The OpEd News reports that the Supreme Court in the US has supported the State of Arizona’s decision that if a company is found to be in violation of immigration laws, they may lose their corporate charter.  This, in effect, hands any corporation a death sentence if they break the law.

There is a unique possibility that this decision could be delivered to other acts of illegality, from corruption to environmental abuse to human rights charges.  As they say on the Op Ed News site:

This Supreme Court decision could open the door for the creation of equal justice laws that make corporations accountable and face the same punishments as human criminals.

We agree:  this is a good thing.