March 24, 2022

Covid Journal, Mar 24, 2022

By admin

I’ve been pretty disappointed with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over the last few years. Things really took a turn when Harper stacked the management with plum placements and they hired out a LOT of their news stories to Canada News Wire, a private information and PR service.

However, during the whole convoy mess, they seemed to get into a weird sense of ‘we have to tell the world about these people’ when all they were really doing was promoting the WEXIT party of Alberta. First it was the convoy itself, then the Go Fund Me page, then the ongoing terrorist invasion of Ottawa. They didn’t mention much of the Paul Champ fundraiser for legal fees to get the terrorists to STFU.

As Russia invaded the Ukraine – a peaceful neighbouring country – they proceeded to cover the story but also found every excuse under the sun to promote dirty carbon-producing industries like tar and coal suggesting that we should be buying ‘locally’, like there’s actually fuel in the tar sands. It really makes no sense to me that they would position this over the myriad innovations taking place around the world concerning renewable energy.

As recently as today, they placed a story about an unfortunate guy who got sucked into the whole thing and blewhis life savings on gas, not working and trucking across the country spending oodles of money. I honestly feel bad for the guy, but at the same time, the Convoy Broadcasting Corporation has found the ONE example of someone that was clearly mislead about the situation and is doing everything they can to yet again tell the world about the convoy.

I’ve written the obmbudsman and I encourage you to do the same to complain about this kind of shameless polarization that the CBC seems all too willing to foment. Clearly, there are very small collection of people that were used and abused through this whole process, but I find it rather distasteful for the CBC to be trying to swirl up some sense of sympathy for people that descended on peace-loving Ottawa citizens and who developed a structured organization that has fueled unnecessary public dissent around the globe.