March 10, 2021

Covid Journal, March 10, 2021

By admin

What’s The Plan?

Vaccines are growing from a trickle to a flood (soon-ish), giving our various leaders across the country to implement a more rigorous plan for distribution and mass innoculation.

I’ve heard tidbits of plans such as making sure various age groups are covered first, but even that has been left by provincial governments to the discretion of local municipal health units. There’s nothing quite as ineffective as adding another several hundreds bureaucrats who are inexperienced with pandemics to decide how to allocate these scarce resources (until they’re more abundant, that is).

That doesn’t deter the Ford government, which is allowing all of the local health units to make their own decisions.

Very liberatarian, very inconsistent.

True leadership would create a schedule for EVERYONE to follow and report back on as they complete each tier of implementation.

Any excess vaccinations would be returned to a central authority or people from other jurisdictions would be able to sign up for their shots in areas that have managed to get ahead of the pack. It would ultimately lead to a great balancing of efforts and support of those highly-concentrated areas like Toronto and Peel.

And once everyone is up to date with a brew of vaccines in their systems, what are the ‘key performance indicators’ (KPIs) that all of our governments should be tracking, recording and adjusting in order to bring our country back to a ‘normal’ state?


  • What’s the minimum number of cases and or deaths before we allow travel to other provinces?
  • What are the levels of cases/deaths before we are allowed to go into shops without having to worry about maximum capacity or evern (gasp!) wearing a mask?
  • What’s our target percent of population for innoculation / vaccination before measures change?

The grim reminder here is that we’ve had just a little more than a year now to figure these things out and offer up some level of certainty to the public. Certainty breeds confidence and ultimately invites a sense of normality and decency. I have to say, I’m pretty tired of having overnight dictators tell me that I’m too close when they think a good 10-12 feet is ‘too close’.

If we don’t start to hear about ‘a plan’ for getting things into a state of normality, how are politicians going to reassure us that this isn’t some giant containment exercise and public / social control? I hate to throw down the conspiracy card, but let’s face it: if they run out of excuses to keep us under ‘lockdown’ because we’re no longer bad inmates, why should that state of control continue?

Eat Your Vitamins!

While you’re waiting for your shot …

More and more, sources indicate that a collection of vitamins and minerals will help you minimize Covid symptoms, with the enormous benefit of boosting your entire immunity system.

For example, this study shows that ingesting Vitamin B6 will lower the odds of getting Covid-19.

In other news, zinc supplements can help improve your immune system.

Yes, bring on the flood of angry citizens yelling that I’m some hippy throwback who only believes in holistic medicine and mystic remedies that time seems to have forgotten.

Not quite.

We’ve known for a VERY LONG TIME that various vitamins and minerals will help level out your body’s response to all kinds of diseases. If this weren’t the case, certainly we should shut down the multi-billion dollar industry of feeding us these things, right?

The Ultimate ‘1984’ Tribut Moment: ‘Freedom Bracelets’

Israel is rolling out ‘Freedom Bracelets’, tracking devices that are used as an alternate to a two-week quarantine.

Great. Of course, cell phones and fitbits probably do a much better job of tracking everything you do, so really … what’s the difference?

‘Freedom Bracelet’ Tracking Device Launched As Alternative To Quarantine