March 22, 2020

Covid Journal, March 22, 2020

By admin

It’s in my nature to question. I don’t do it to incite panic or concern. Honestly.

I just want to make sure we’re looking for at all the angles on this.
I KNOW we have to stay at home. That’s not why I’m asking questions. I KNOW if we DON’T stay home, Martial Law will be inevitable.
Don’t make me a Cassandra.
I’ve turned a corner. I’m looking ahead. Do what the authorities say: STAY INSIDE, BE KIND, BUY ONLY WHAT YOU NEED AT STORES (BETTER YET, ORDER ONLINE).

The BEST news of the day yesterday? Breaking Chloroquine study shows 100% cure rate for patients infected with coronavirus. We ARE going to punch out of this bag.

I don’t think I need much else, but here are some other updates …
GOOD things are happening. Hopefully, some of the changes taking place – ordering from local suppliers, joining CSAs, gifting to the elderly, connecting more directly with family/friends one-on-one, learning life skills, etc – become entrenched habits for people when we get to the other side. Some billionaires like Mark Cuban are questioning the rationale about bailing out companies that are run by corrupt people. Other billionaires like Elon Musk are scrambling to get masks and ventilators on the market.
When this reaches a resolution – and it will, despite the coming weeks of panic – we can ask for new rules, but we may have to forego them in the short-run.
This big giant world has become a whole lot smaller and I think people are understanding the old adage of ‘a butterfly flapping in China causing a hurricane elsewhere’.
And (I’m getting philosophical for a second), imagine what we can pull off out of this if we set our minds to it and replace roads while no one is driving. Or instead of subsidizing or bailing out the carbon sector, we take that money and double down and invest in a proper renewable energy infrastructure instead, putting hundreds of thousands of people to work in the process.
This IS the end of the world we grew up in, but the start of a NEW one that we can create based on the good things we know.
What we are MOST CERTAINLY going to need is a whole new operating system as opposed to just a reboot of 2020. We need new rules, new approaches and better solutions to the problems we already have. We have to get all of the whiny, self-centred dipshits out of the way or convert them to understanding that we’re all in this together.
Unfortunately, bad things are happening.
I kept this image as a reminder of how fucked up the Trump administration is and how the rest of the world is suffering because of the gross incompetence from the top down.
US Should Have Been Ready for Covid
A twisted, yet kind of humourous look at the Trump incompetency:
Trump Bad Day
In the meantime, here are a few stories from yesterday and this morning that caught my eye:
Please do your bit to conserve water today. I know it’s probably the last thing on everyone’s mind.
World Water Day

Conditioning us for the months / years to come:

Threats of Martial Law / fines / imprisonment:

Many jurisdictions are talking openly about imposing some form of Constitutional hiatus or Martial Law to limit the spread of Covid.


I’m wrapping up for now and will try to present a balanced perspective on the seismic shift we’re all experiencing, but there is light between the cracks in the wall, to paraphrase Leonard Cohen.

We WILL get through this.