October 28, 2021

Covid Journal, Oct 28, 2021

By admin

The Guilbeault ‘tempest in a teapot’

I’m really fed up with the media whining about the appointment of Guilbeault to the Ministry of Environment.

Who do you want in charge of the environmental portfolio? An oil barron? A nursery school kid?

I find myself losing patience for this kind of dense approach to the international climate emergency.

Putting an activist in charge of this portfolio is exactly what we need if we’re going to survive the human impact on this planet.

And who gives a f&ck what Jason Kenney says about the appointment?

Why does the CBC keep crawling to Alberta to see what they have to say about his ruinous carbon creation plan?

Honestly, this all proves that the Liberal government is doing something right for a change when it comes to creating a green response and climate change action plan.

OK … look.

If you’re really that annoyed by this appointment, take a gander at Guilbeault’s history. He met with every senior executive of every media company in Canada and beyond but failed to enact any meaningful legislation that would make communication services cheaper for Canadians. In fact, the proposed Bill C-10 was a complete disaster and could easily be interpreted to be anything BUT protection for Canadians.

We still have one of the highest costs of connecting in the world and he’s part of the problem and that probably won’t change any time soon.

So, if you’re an oil barron, fret not. Guilbeault will likely be more than happy to wine and dine with you to find ways to protect your industry.