September 17, 2020

Covid Journal, Sept 17, 2020

By admin

Just the Links Today …

Online Tech Issues with Schools:

My thoughts: just one more ‘glitch’ in the public education system that’s pushing more parents to homeschooling, private schools or praying that they get through this with minimal effect on themselves or their kids. The public system is in trouble if this is our ‘solution’.

Expect more cuts across the country and elsewhere as support for a public school system wanes. The unions throughout the land had better start treating this like an opportunity to reform and improve and stop being so oblivious to the changes coming down the pipe. If not, our public education system is going to look like car manufacturing in Canada was and currently is (ie. powerful and important and now not so much). 

Michael Geist on Canadian Government Weakening Net Neutrality

Why oh why do Canadian ministers continue to try to mess with Net Neutrality in the interest of ‘Canadian content’. Geist offers up an intellectual feast of reasons why so many attempts by Minister Guilbeault’s approach is incorrect.

My thoughts: special interest groups continue to throw good intentions under the proverbial bus.

Embrace the Seeds of Change

First Nations people are doing their best to preserve their own heritage by preserving seeds as well. Story here.

My thoughts: This is a great read and a solid lesson when it comes to the perseverance of punished people. We have to give them the room to survive and when we do, we see that they have the capacity to do the right thing … for themselves and possibly for the rest of us too.

French Ban on Bee-Destroying Poisons Reversed

Just when we start making progress, special interest groups f&*k things up again.

Pennsylvania Court Rules Shutdowns Unconstitutional
A Pennsylvania court decision that Covid-related shutdowns were unconstituional will have massive ripple effects across the US and elsewhere. It will help feed the opposition to control.
As Businesses Close Permanently, the Rich Get Richer
This is really the pair of stories we all should get to know better. As Covid shutdowns crush what’s left of any semblance of middle-class and small-business infrastructure across the planet, the rich are getting richer … at unprecedented levels.
My thoughts: if we’re going to dig ourselves out of this hole, we’re going to need a massive, internationally-imposed wealth tax to put an end to extreme leacherous greed and profiteering.