Answer:  hell, yes.

Maybe Canadians will finally get the message that Conservative politics are mean, nasty, dirty and cruel politics and that we deserve the embarrassment that we got today when Stephen Harper’s plea for a security council seat was denied by the UN.  (I know … as a technicality, the Cons withdrew to save face, but the reality is that we lost the bid).

Maybe we shouldn’t have been acting like petty dictators, both towards our own people or towards other countries.

Maybe we need an unbiased and non-religious approach with people like the Palestinians who are now facing genocide at the hands of Israeli greed.

Maybe we should get our heads out of our asses and start to try to make a difference again.

Maybe, just maybe, we should get back to our roots with the UN and support the f-in institution instead of try to destroy it.

Hopefully this is the tipping point.  Steve has failed the country and we need to remind him of that at every turn.

The rest of the world has told us that a Conservative Canada sucks.

Now Canadians need a chance to make the same decision.

No, wait.  We demand the right to vote these losers out of office.