September 3, 2021

#ELXN44: Tired Con Slogans & Media Madness

By admin

Canada’s right-wing media is determined to undermine the 2021 Canadian election.

There’s not a single question out there (at least that I’ve seen) about the Con slogan of ‘Secure the Future‘, a very thinly veiled and – let’s face it – TIRED reference to Trump’s ‘Lock Her Up‘ campaign of 2016. The ‘Lock Him Up‘ chant has been co-opted by so many knuckle-draggers here and it’s a constant theme for those opposed to science, vaccines, moving away from oil and repairing our planet.

The ‘Lock Him Up’ chant has been routinely repeated at every Trudeau pit-stop to date.

Is the Conservative advertising budget basically bad and insulting slogans coupled with hiring thugs to go around Liberal campaign stops?

And what of the media that continues to blame the Liberals for Covid, like they are master conspirators behind the release of the virus on a GLOBAL scale? What kind of idiot actually believes that? How can a leader of a country as small as Canada possibly be responsible for an international crisis like a pandemic?

But the problem also drills down the provincial level. I’m seeing a lot of people failing to understand that HEALTH is a PROVINCIAL jurisdiction but yet want to hang ALL responsibility for things like vaccine passports and distribution on the federal leader. Sure, Trudeau and the Liberals could interfere, but then we’d have a Constitutional crisis on our hands.

The Cons and the Con-owned media continue with this approach, preying on the already overwhelming mountains of information that the average citizen has to absorb.

The Texas-Taliban is a sign of things to come as the Cons race forward neck-and-neck with the Liberals. Women’s rights, protection from conversion therapy, racial equality, basic science and much more will all be tossed out the window as attention turns again to ageing old dudes pumping oil.

It WAS a mistake for Justin Trudeau to call an election prematurely.

He will get the election result that he deserves, but do Canadians deserve Taliban-North?