The financial meltdown is incomplete.  Yay.  We should expect to see several more ‘institutions’ on Wall Street dissolve like a poorly built castle on a beach on a stormy day.

Moving to the Canadian election:  what underpins this instability is a once-inflated housing market that has been deflating for years in the US.

Stephen Harper wants to create a similar level of house price ecstasy in Canada by pushing new home building here, based on his latest string of promises geared towards breeders and builders.

How sadly out of touch this is.  This man can’t even keep up with today’s headlines, let alone the general direction of the interests of Canadians.

Our economy is hanging by a thread because of Republican & Conservative neglect.  He points to national figures saying that things are going well, yet fails to acknowledge the wake of disaster that laissez-faire policies have left for Canada.

More is being spent on defense in both the US and Canada than ever before, billions are being dumped into the pockets of well, billionaires, and nothing is being done to salvage our manufacturing economy.

In times like these, governments are supposed to open the budgets to people and go into deficit.  We are not corporations and quarterly reports should not dictate the future stability of this country.

We are a country of people that need leadership rather than casual comments about not worrying about the state of the market.