December 7, 2008

From Media Complacency to Harper Regime

By admin

Canadian mainstream media companies are not doing themselves any favours.

CTV has absolved itself of any objectivity, along with friends at Canwest, calling into question the role of mainstream media in Canada.  We see in their stock prices that the market doesn’t agree with them, so why do they continue to mis-lead the Canadian public?

Are they simply mouthpieces for the Harper regime?  Or are they as Harpercritical as their dictator himself?

In a video cited by Impolitical , we get a sense of this bias. Lloyd Axworthy is asking Craig Oliver "can’t they get past this" and Oliver responds "Get on with the budget".

Both Axworthy and Craig Oliver fail to recognize that we do not have a functioning government and that if there is a crisis (take your pick:  Listeria outbreak, Tar Sands leak, massive unemployment … oh yeah … those have already been brought to us by the Harper regime), who will respond ?

As a form of protest, I recommend that we organize a media boycott on several levels:

  1. Turn off all CTV / Canwest programming and cancel the Globe, the National Post and other media sources that are simply mouthpieces to the Harper regime.
  2. Cancel cable and satellite services/subscriptions.  We’ve been cable-free for nearly a decade.  Since we’re being told that we need to ‘tighten our belts’ start with paid media channels that insult your intelligence.
  3. If you buy media, stop placing ads with Bell or Canwest.
  4. If you need phone communications, consider Skype or other open-source VOIP programs.
  5. Do not link to them.  If you have a story from them that you can’t resist posting, copy and paste it to your own blog.  If you want video, try to get it from YouTube first.
  6. Support local / independent media.  rabble.caThe TyeeThe Dominion . Progressive Bloggers
  7. Your suggestions below (please post your ideas of how we can encourage people to avoid Harper lies perpetuated by mainstream media).