January 12, 2010

Harper Harpooned – by Tom Flanagan!!

By admin

OMG!!  Hell HAS frozen over.

I’m watching this today and I’m stunned to hear Tom Flanagan, Stephen Harper’s mentor, is busy Harpooning his minion on Evan Solomon’s ‘Power Panel’.

In fact, I’m delighted to see that Stephen Harper’s bullshit factory is finally crashing and burning, with key personnel jumping ship, including Flanagan.  By describing the failure of democracy in Canada as ‘games’, and by being fixated on the economy and distracting Canadians from the criminal possibilities being posed by the Afghan detainee situation, Harper is finally the guy who blinked.

Joined by Tony Clement as describing Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook members as elitists (I’m glad to hear that I’m a member of the elite), we’ve definitely entered an age of ‘bizarro-world’ where the Cons are proving that every time they open their mouths they prove the adage that ‘better to remain silent than the open your mouth and remove all doubt’.  Yes, Tony Clement has proven that’s he’s incapable of holding office, along with his boss.

Meanwhile, Stooge Number 3 is busy announcing that he doesn’t care if Parliament’s out.  He’ll start slashing and burning anyways.

Talk about a massive SNAFU.

It’s time to throw them out!!

The only problem:  Iggy has already conceded and Layton is nowhere to be seen .

What the f**k is wrong with these people?