December 23, 2009

Harpooned: Canadian Taxpayers

By admin

In an interview with the CTV (does he ever talk with the CBC?), Stephen Harper has indicated that he will not rule out a carbon tax, simply because he’d be more than happy to drop his pants for the US (again).  This is a complete 180 from his original position that destroyed the Dion Liberals in the 2008.

Brilliant.  Sycophantic slippery Steve has lied to us again.

In fact, we’re all about to be ‘Harpooned’, much like Baby Boomers and other savers were Harpooned when the Conservatives killed the value of Income Trusts back in 2006.

We’re all going to eat the cost of carbon capture and carbon sequestration all so that the companies in Alberta can continue to belch out unprecedented volumes of crap.

Yay!  I can’t wait until the next election.  Please Santa.  Please bring me an election for Christmas 🙂