The Yellow Ribbon campaign has always felt like military-driven propaganda to me and there doesn’t seem to be a better time to remind the world that I Support My:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Pediatricians
  • GP/Family Doctors
  • Police Forces
  • Fire Fighters
  • Garbage collectors
  • People that work in recycling centres
  • Policy analysts
  • Government page employees
  • Government librarians
  • Politicians (that’s right, people who are brave enough to accept a shitty pay base compared to what they could earn in the private sector and put up with constant public scrutiny of what they do)
  • Advisors and case workers that are employed with politicians’ offices
  • Public legal advisors
  • Coast Guard employees
  • Search / Rescue
  • Forestry Management employees
  • Bus and subway drivers
  • Statisticians
  • Programmers & web developers that help maintain sites for cities, provinces and the federal government
  • and the millions of other people that make my life better because they choose to work for the public.

I also support the United Nations  and Peace Keeping efforts and not NATO-lead military incursions or ‘first strikes’.

I Support ALL Public Employees and I don’t favour one group (the military) because they happen to represent ‘security’ and ‘safety’.  They do a swell job, but they’re not the only people that are paid by us.

When the Conservative Party of Canada endorses ads that literally throw any other politician ‘under the bus’ because they don’t jump to attention when people say ‘Support Our Troops’, one has to question why they insist on being so insensitive towards the rest of the world that works towards peace and reconciliation as opposed to war.  Alienating the entire public work force in exchange for what they see as a few political points is something that just shouldn’t be tolerated.

Moreso, the timing for the conservative minions could not have been worse to come out with a video that slams Michael Ignatieff and other Liberals (I’m sorry … I can’t find the original source).  They show a frustrating insensitivity towards the families and friends of many young women who may have lost their lives to a senior military leader.

As a reminder, the ‘Support Our Troops’ mentality is one that’s driven by Repulican sentiment in the US and is rooted in the American desire to conquer and dominate the entire planet.  As Canadians, we have neither the resources nor the desire to do so, so why are we being forced to invest so much in the war machine?

P.S.  I also support Peace On Earth.