November 2, 2010

It Ain’t Dying, It Be Dead

By admin

It’s appropriate that The Progressive Economics Forum posted their article “Is Social Democracy Dying, Part I?” on Halloween.

I would, however, suggest a couple of tweaks to their delivery:  are progressive ideals dying and are they actually dead?

The reality is that the Tea Partiers and those few thousands of people who hide their desire for theocratic hegemony and racism under the shield of eliminating waste and getting rid of ‘big government’ are a small number, but they’re now calling the shots.

Their friends in high media places are giving this ‘rebellion’ substantially more air-time than it warrants and it’s helping to generate more mass than it ever should have.

Never before have progressive ideals looked like they were going to be completely washed away by fanaticism and blind selfish greed.

Where are the stories about successful peace-driven initiativesWhere are the stories about the Me to We kids who are helping shape the ideals of thousands of young citizensWhere are the stories about co-ops and other unique economic models (note: when I did a search on “ALBA”, all that came up was Jessica Alba), either here or around the globe to offer up optimism and hope that we’re actually moving in the right direction?

Progressive economic ideals and social democracy are dying because we’re letting them die.  We’re exhausted and we’re giving in to the very forces that will eventually take everything from us.

Are you ready for that?

We need an equivalent to the Tea Party that’s bubbling up in the US to counter this movement.  We need a progressive movement that will focus on educating and informing the public.  We need it now, or we’ll lose everything.