January 13, 2012

Jan 13 Excited Delirium Updates

By admin

The ‘shady science’ of ‘excited delirium’ continues around the world.  Here are just a few updates:

Editorial: Delirious Fatality report
Calgary Herald
Provincial Court Judge Heather Lamoureux’s recommendations are curious, in that they are almost entirely built around the theory that excited delirium is a
Cause of death determinations: July to December 2011
Los Angeles Times
According to coroner’s officials, Davis died from “excited delirium” that led to him going into cardiac arrest. Additionally, he was under methamphetamine
Death In The Devil’s Chair: Florida Man’s Pepper Spray Death
Huffington Post
The problem, some experts say, is that inmates with mental illness are particularly prone to “excited delirium,” an escalating set of respiratory and
EMMC developed bath salts protocol by trial and error
Bangor Daily News
Bath salts users who are in severe crisis — those in a state of excited delirium who are a danger to themselves or others — are put into a medically induced
Bangor bath salts user first confirmed death in Maine from the
Bangor Daily News
the person who was transferred from the jail and died at the hospital was in a state of excited delirium caused by the man-made stimulants he consumed.