April 13, 2011

MayDay 2011: RIP CPC, May 3, 2011

By admin

Rest In Peace, Conservative Party of Canada.

Yet another scandal has emerged (this one involving the potential use of public funds for a private clinic), pushing me to bang my head wondering why Canadians are giving anyone from the Conservative Party of Canada the time of day.  If any of them come to the door, you should just pull out your wallet and say ‘Here … I’ll save you some time’.

So … I’m pleased to be the first to announce that the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is on the table, heart-beat fading and likely to enter a comatose state May 3, 2011.  Shortly thereafter, the CPC will be declared dead and dysfunctional after its short, but important 8-year existence.

Here’s my rationale:

  • Investigations:  pick one of the dozens of scandals.  Surely one will stick and tear the party apart.
  • Support network fragmentation:  the CPC no longer represents dozens of special interest groups.  During this election, I’m seeing more Green, Christian Heritage Party and Progressive Conservative signs than ever before and, to be honest, I hope to see more.  People should elect what they believe in.
  • Minority:  this will be Stephen Harper’s last chance and it is a desperate one.  When he is defeated on May 2, he will be looking for a new job on May 3 because he has failed three times to bring about a Conservative majority.  Even Kim Campbell did a better job than Steve.
  • Street cred:  the street cred of the Conservatives is dropping rapidly.  Even their own media stooges are calling them on their claims of innocence.
  • Parallel ‘movements’:  there are now many activist movements that are void of political influence, focusing instead on non-partisan principles that all Canadians share.  Example:  OpenMedia.ca or Canada Uncut.  They will work hard (with me included) to undermine basic Conservative ‘values’ that most Canadians do NOT have.

With Stephen Harper gone, the strategists, politicos and others will be washed out as well.  The CPC may even try to appoint someone like Peter McKay to the helm, but it won’t work.  Fragmentation will likely be the biggest issue confronting the May 3 Conservatives and it will tear the party apart.

Canada:  we have momentum.  Let’s make sure that May 2 is the last day for the Conservative Party of Canada.