April 15, 2011

MayDay 2011: Stephen Harper Delivered the HST

By admin

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) ruined one Liberal provincial government (Gord Campbell of BC) and may unseat another Liberal provincial government (Dalton McGuinty of Ontario) in October.

This reflects that the implementation and structure of the HST plan was crafted by the Conservatives with a specific purpose in mind:  bringing down Liberals wherever they can.

In BC, the HST still exists.

Let’s hope people in BC are not quick to forget that the HST was Stephen Harper’s doing.

Let’s hope that people in BC help shut the Conservatives out of Parliament on May 2.

In Ontario, the HST still exists.

Ontario:  you too can have your say on May 2.  Don’t like the HST?  Take your complaint to the top and get rid of Stephen Harper!