November 4, 2011

Media Messaging – Using the ‘Right’ Terms

By admin

While this is not the first time I’ve heard about ‘structuring language the ‘right’ way,it is a nice summary of the ways in which members of different conservative camps manipulate language.

Think about the use of these terms the next time you see something on Fox, Sun or the CTV.

Replacement words for conservatives:

Capitalism Free Market Economy

Tax Reform Tax Simplification

Drilling for oil Exploring for energy

School choice (ie. privatization of education) Equal opportunity in education

So … what would be an appropriate language for progressives or lefties?  Don’t forget that people like the NDP have even tried euphemisms like ‘social democrats’ to replace ‘socialists’, with partial success and don’t forget that the word ‘socialism’ strikes fear into most people that are even moderately conservative as they pull up images of Bob Rae plunging the Ontario into massive and unprecedented deficits.

Or do we even dare use language that is only used with the intent to mislead or manipulate or do we try to encourage people to use honest and frank language that spells out our issues and concerns with ‘government’ (or should I say ‘the people’s chosen ones’) today?