December 13, 2011

Message to Police Boards: Join Us

By admin

To all police boards and military members out there:

  • Your wages are being cut.
  • Your budgets are under attack.
  • Those who you are protecting are stealing from your pensions.
  • You can no longer control guns on the street because Canada’s leaders won’t let you control guns.
  • For us, guns are wrong.  We are those that believe in peaceful assembly.  You break your vows to serve and protect when you assault us.

There’s a better way:  Join us.

When we demand change from the elites that have taken over, protect us.  Don’t beat us.

When we ask for accountability from the 1%, join us.

When we want to enjoy our personal freedoms, share in those freedoms.

Say no.

If you’re not convinced, here’s a nice video message: