December 2, 2008

Nestle: Product Ban?

By admin

As the City of Toronto and other municipalities wrestle with ways to moderate the volume of waste resulting from plastic bottles, Nestle has been accused of engaging in potentially misleading advertising, at least according to the sources quoted in this article .

For me, it seems like the answer is really quite simple:  stop drinking bottled water (or other liquids) .

We’re very fortunate, in that a massive percent of all municipal water in Canada is safe to drink.  Some argue that it could be safer, by eliminating the excessive use of chlorides, flourides and other additives, but at least we’re in much better shape than a significant array of communities across the globe.  Some also argue that the state of water is balanced on a very precarious fulcrum.  The Council of Canadians , for example, have been exmplary in exposing the frailties of our water system.

That said, I feel safe in saying that, whever possible, you should bottled liquids of any kind, including colas, wines, water, juices and other drinks because all of these sources of demand increase our thoughtless demand for plastic.