October 3, 2011

Ontario Election Thoughts

By admin

Here are a couple of thoughts in the twilight hours of the Ontario election:

  • If I get another piece of junk mail from my local PC candidate or phone call from the PCs pretending they’re a polling company, I’m going to lose it.  I have never seen a more blatant abuse of marketing ‘privileges’ than with the Tim Hudak Conservatives.
  • If Ontario voters think Tim Hudak will be any different from Rob Ford, forget it.  Look at the complete disaster that man and his brother have been for the City of Toronto.  The second that Con steps into the Ontario legislature with any kind of government, everything will be on the table for slashing, gashing and trashing.

Please Ontario.

Send a very clear message on October 6.

Do not give the Cons their precious ‘hat trick’, as Stephen Harper so eloquently calls it.

Do what you can to put an end to Conservative lies and deception in Ontario.