December 3, 2008

Prorogue = Martial Law?

By admin

If Stephen Harper prorogues Parliament – a practice that is only advisable at the END of a parliamentary session – will this be the equivalent of declaring a state of parliamentary Martial Law?

We’ve elected these people to do their job and they’re playing games with our country.  Preventing them from doing so is an act of fascism and treason against the people of Canada.

The opposition – those who represent the majority of the voice of Canada – have responded to the politicking of the Harpies and have formed a coalition.

Why should they back down and why should Harper have the right to silence the voices of the majority of Canada?

This ain’t no sandbox Steve!  You can’t just grab the biggest truck and then call for teacher or mommy when other people get upset!  You have to negotiate, act in a civil manner and win the respect of Canadians.

it’s unbelievable that those who vote Conservative find this behaviour acceptable.

If you’re out there and are reading this blog, please give me some decent reasons why this stomping on democracy and the rights of Canadians is acceptable.  And don’t bring the ‘socialists’ or ‘separatists’ into it.  NDPers and Quebeckers have earned the right to be at the decision making table.

In the interim, to support a coalition government, please visit this site .