December 22, 2010

Stephen Harper Destroys Canadian Democracy – Just in Time for the Holidays!

By admin

It has come to a point where voting in Canada is a complete waste of time and money.

Democracy is dead in the Great White North.

By making two new partisan Senator appointments, Stephen Harper has single-handedly destroyed all hopes of any kind of democratic representation in this country.  It no longer matters what party you vote for.  Even a majority from any of the opposition parties (technically impossible with the Bloc) would be confronted by a Conservative Senate that would block and deconstruct any efforts to bring up and develop new legislation.

Voting for representatives of the House of Commons, it would seem, is just another inconvenience in Canada that Stephen Harper has seen fit to eliminate as a right for all of its citizens.

However, it goes deeper:  since the top-level body of government is not elected and does not represent Canadian interests – just that of a very small minority of this country – the ability to use democracy at any level of government (provincial, municipal) is also undermined.  If you’re not a member of The Party, you won’t receive stimulus funds.  You won’t receive any kind of patronage.  Your community will fade into oblivion if you don’t side with Herr Harper.

These are the beginning of ugly days for Canada.

Our ruin and end are imminent.

There is a slightest of slight hopes:  actually playing Harper’s game and electing our own Senators.  Harper has always promised that if he is presented with elected Senators, he would appoint them.  Of course, we know that Stephen Harper is not a man of his word, so even this effort would be met with failure.