August 17, 2015

Stephen Harper Has Offered the Opposite of Good Economic Management

By admin

Stephen Harper has clearly put all of his eggs in one basket.

Any good economist, portfolio manager or leader knows that you diversify in order to moderate risk.

Stephen Harper came to power by pitting parts of Canada against each other.  He has spent decades leveraging Western frustration and reliance on resources with Eastern manufacturing and slightly more progressive attitudes.

He has built a political career on leaning on the oil industry to elevate his regions of choice and it has been at the expense of a diversified economy.

This recent story from Canadian Dimension paints the true story about how obsessed he truly is with the Tar Sands and how he’ll piss away tens of millions of dollars on PR and lobbying for a single industry as opposed to working to promote Canada on a whole.

And once oil hit the skids and tanked to nearly $40 per barrel (while Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper delivered a budget based on $75 per barrel), we’ve all been caught with our collective pants down and our dollar depressed to unprecedented levels.

A proper audit of Stephen Harper’s budget will clearly demonstrate that they have delivered a deficit YET AGAIN and are lying about this reality.

This kind of economic volatility is exactly the opposite of what Stephen Harper has been promising to Canadians.  His last decade of leadership has been a complete nightmare for both importers and exporters that rely on a stable exchange rate.  Those that believe Stephen Harper is ‘stable’ and helps stay the course are idiots.

It’s very clear that Canada needs leadership that will play up the value of our resources but at the same time, will proactively work on balancing our ‘economic basket’ so that we’re not exposed to any single change in global attitude towards something as unstable as the Tar Sands.

I think most will agree that Canada has a LOT to offer.  We have vast environmental, natural, intellectual, mechanical and other resources that the world wants.  We just have to pull our heads out of the (Tar) Sands in order to see this.

The ONLY party that I and other Canadians should support will be that party which talks about moving forward.  I agree that we need to leave the Tar Sands in the ground.  I agree that Canada has for FAR TOO LONG been a resource supplier for those that control us.

Canada will only truly become Canada when we stop relying so much on the demands of other countries.

Who’s willing to bring us forward?