December 22, 2008

Stimulus for ALL Sectors

By admin

Hi everyone,

I’ve copy/pasted below a letter from Tonya Surman and Peter Clutterbuck of the Ontario Non-Profit Network.  It’s imperative that we do everything we can to encourage Jim Flaherty and all of the other folks who will have an impact on the Jan 27 economic stimulus package to consider helping the non-profit, charity and co-op sectors.

Here’s their letter:

Please forward this email to your networks!

Dear Friends,
As you are well aware, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is in the midst of shaping an economic stimulus package, which he will deliver to the nation on January 27. Please stand up and let the politicians know that the nonprofit sector must be a part of this package.

Attached is an open letter from the Ontario Nonprofit Network that underscores the importance of the nonprofit sector to the fabric of our nation. The letter, which is being sent to Canada’s politicians and thought leaders, calls on our political leaders to see the nonprofit sector as a vital part of the economic stimulus solution for Ontario and Canada.

Each segment of the nonprofit sector has specific needs and you know best what yours are. We urge you to use the contacts you have with the federal government—through your funders, supporters, and formal and informal associations—to tell the federal Finance Minister of your specific needs. Please feel free to use the attached letter, in whole or in part, as part of your message.

We recommend, in addition, that you brief your local MPs and MPPs about your needs and the overall value of the nonprofit sector. Again, feel free to use ONN’s open letter.

Kindly keep ONN, which serves to connect and give voice to this vibrant sector, informed of your actions and successes. Please let us know who you’ve contacted, what you’ve told them and what kind of response you’ve received. You can email us at If there is tremendous interest, we will create an online dialogue to continue the discussion.

To stay up-to-date on ONN activities and to be part of this important Network, visit our site here .