Tag: bailouts

April 15, 2009

Ottawa Looking to Fund Partisan Propaganda

The folks in Ottawa have been dying to figure out an ‘innovative’ way to bail out Canada’s biggest media companies (besides the CBC, of course) without creating a massive voter backlash.  With that in mind, another hairbrained scheme has materialized:  spending taxpayer money on advertising (story details are pasted below). The absurdity of this plan is laughable for a number of reasons: I normally try […]

April 8, 2009

No more bailouts, please

Research credit to Impolitical . There’s really nothing worse than the prospect of hard-line anti-government control-freaks taking over anything, let alone Canadian media. But that seems to be in the cards, anyways, doesn’t it? Rumours have swirled for a while about the CBC being cut.  As early as last fall, folks identified that more than $200 million would be cut.  And they were right.  We’re […]

January 31, 2009

Just the EARLY Stages of Financial Collapse

Hi folks, For those of you in the crowd who are MA in Economics, I’ll remind you that we’re just at the beginning of financial collapse.  Shoving your finger, gloves, basketballs, bumpers, old tires, bins full of clothes from Goodwill and even elephants won’t stop the damn from breaking. I know … it’s a little gloomy, but I don’t feel like I’m being alarmist AT […]

December 20, 2008

Car Crazy

I’m getting sick of hearing about the plight of North American car companies. And now we’ve done it:  we’ve made a commitment to old-school, traditional businesses that speak nothing about the future that Canadians want.  Just today, Stephen Harper announced a bailout package for GM and Chrysler, something he could finally stomach after his lord and master George Bush did the same in the US. […]