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December 9, 2008

Stephen Harper Lying to the People of Canada?

I’m listening to Peter Mansbridge interview Stephen Harper and I’m appalled by the string of lies and contempt that this man continues to show for the people of Canada. In particular, Mansbridge asked him about the efforts that Harper made in 2004 to work with the Bloc to form a coalition to oppose the Liberals.  Harper denied that they did anything of the sort. Here’s […]

December 3, 2008

2000, 2004 Invalidation of Steve’s Claim to Canada

This blog gets credit (from me, at least) for reminding us of this Globe article , where we’re shown background information on ‘secret’ documents that reveal once again, that Pinocchio, er Stephen Harper, is incapable of telling the truth. ‘Backroom’ deals with ‘separatists’ were being made then by your members in 2000 and in 2004, Steve.  They are no different from what is happening now, […]

December 1, 2008

What Was the Point of the Economic Statement

It seems the Conservative government has blinked and has eliminated several of the more contentious components of the economic statement from last Thursday.  John Baird said over the weekend that they won’t try to eliminate the right for public sector members to strike, nor would they eliminate public funding for campaign finance.  Of course, it wasn’t Harper or Flaherty making these statements.  It was Baird.  […]

November 30, 2008

Uniting the Progressive Vote in Canada

Reposted on request Ron Love, organizer of the ‘United Alternative’, explained in this article how his efforts to unite the right paid off in 2000 and how they continue to pay off as Stephen Harper comes closer and closer to a majority government.  He shares his wisdom for the ‘left’ and demonstrates what ‘we’ need to do in order to mount a force that could […]