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January 4, 2009

The Green Shift was the right thing to do

According to James Hensen of NASA, a ‘green shift’ was the right thing for Canadians to do. This article reminds us that we blew an opportunity to institute a new system for penalizing polluters.  Instead, we blew it because some of us were wooed by a blue sweater vest and the rest of us were too busy bickering amongst ourselves to get a majority for […]

December 28, 2008

You Can’t Fight the Tsunami of Structural Change

Structural change is upon us.  Our leaders can’t fight it.  As they embarass themselves with bailout after bailout, they fail to stop and look at what’s happening around them. Structural change is an inherent decrease in demand for stuff we don’t want.  In fact, we don’t even think we need it any more, mainly because the tools of demand generation (mainstream publishers and marketing agencies) […]