Tag: financial crisis

March 25, 2009

China Calls for New Reserve Currency

Original story here . In time, everyone will be calling for a more international approach to pricing everyting, including commodities, goods and services and maybe even US securities. This doesn’t bode well, of course, for the world’s largest printing press and the state of borrowing in the US. Potential outcomes:  a big drop in the value of the US currency on the global stage, a […]

March 24, 2009

UN Recommends World Should Ditch Dollar

It’s about time:  folks at the UN are recommending that the world ditch the US dollar in favour of a shared reserve currency. Original Reuters story here . For years (arguably, decades), the US has dominated the world economic scene because they’ve been very effective in having everything trade in US dollars, including commodities, treasuries and other securities. The commodity shock that the world felt […]

February 7, 2009

Why Can’t We Just Spend Our Way Out of Depression?

The Canadian government has made a commitment to spend an unprecedented amount on ‘stimulus’.  So has the US.  The British government has bought many banks (along with the US) and will likely buy several more over the coming months.  The EU has reduced lending rates in order to encourage people to borrow, spend and borrow some more. Through this process, the world’s economic ‘power houses’ […]

February 6, 2009

In Search of Zero

This article in the Ecologist asks the question:  is it time to change the 20th century economic paradigms? Wholeheartedly, we say ‘yes’. Here’s a quote from the article: Since the Collapse of 2008, economists are rushing to announce a new era of neo-Keynesianism: lack of regulation in the finance industry has led us to the brink and only massive government intervention can put us back […]