First, they squandered our budget surpluses and gave them away to corporations, most of which aren’t even Canadian-owned any more.

Then, they said that they would never run a deficit before the election and announced that deficits would become all the rage after the election.  I’m looking for a ‘before/after video clip to post here – if you have one, please let me know.

Now, they’re telling us they’re going to start selling Canadian-owned properties .  Into a soft market.  Killing industrial real estate prices.  Giving buddies and friends a steal of a deal on federally-owned assets in a shitty market.

‘Have we got a deal for you’.

They have now, in my books, earned the title The Pirates of Parliament.  They will loot, pillage and molest any economic situation and will tell us anything in order to get re-elected, using US election-style bullying and political tactics and tearing Canada apart bit by bit until there’s nothing left.

As economists, they’ll tell you that they couldn’t see it coming, especially just before the election.  But I could and I don’t even have a Master’s in Economics, Steve.

And why – if balancing the books is such an issue (and it should be) – don’t you just gut the $500 billion defense spending plan in order to avoid having a massive deficit.  $500 billion would go an AWFULLY long way to making your jobs a lot easier.

Oh yeah … it’s because you don’t really want Canadians to be made aware that you’re initiating the largest military expansion / expenditure in Canada’s history as a free nation.

This video summed things up nicely: