August 8, 2011

The Solution to the Financial Crisis: Stop Killing People

By admin

America’s imperial age is about to come crashing to an end.

In the last bit of budget bitchin’, neither Obama, the Repugnicans nor the Tea Partiers were able to see the truth staring down their noses:  America has to stop wasting money on military operations.

The US spends trillions per year and all of that expenditure was taken off the table during the latest round of budget talks.  No honest rationale was provided, but we all know that military expenditures form the core of America’s economy today.

Cutting back on those expenses would be like cutting off an arm or a leg.

But it’s going to have to happen.

If it doesn’t, America will collapse in a state of financial ruin that the world has yet to witness in its entire history.

Here’s a little reminder about why military spending will ruin America’s economic future.