February 9, 2011

Tim Hudak’s Empty Platform

By admin

I don’t who’s financing these guys, but a platform based on “Bring Back Buck a Beer is supposed to be treated like serious policy for one of the world’s largest economies?

Are they for real?  Is this everything that Tim Hudak can throw at the McGuinty Liberals?  Is this guy stuck in the 80s?  Does he really think Ontario voters are that stupid?

Is this all they have ‘on tap’?  How about getting some of your smart friends together to ‘draft’ a more creative platform for the people of Ontario.

What’s next?  “Bring Back Two-buck chuck“?

With the multitudes of platform options out there, this is what they come up with?

What an embarrassment for Ontario, but in particular, this province’s Progressive Conservatives.  This has got to be the most cynical treatment of voters I’ve ever experienced in my life.